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  • Italian Morning of Restaurante "Incroci"

    In an open space where the light shines through the large windows facing the park, please spend an elegant time while enjoying the scrambled eggs that the chef makes after receiving an order, as well as the dishes that are particular about the ingredients and cooking methods. ..

    ・Scrambled eggs with Genki Tamagon (egg) eggs
    ・Venus Saga pork smoked ham
    ・Domestic rough sausage
    ・Focaccia of Fukuoka wheat (Minami no Ho)
    ・Essence of seafood from Nagasaki and soup of vegetables from Kyushu
    ・Kyushu salad
    ・Cabbage and carrot coleslaw
    ・Orange flavored caponata and 3 kinds of bean salad
    ・Seasonal fruit macedonia and yogurt
    ・Original Blend Coffee by Manu Coffee

    [Venue]Hotel 2nd floor"Incroci』\

    [Time]7:00 to 9:30(9:00 LO)

    *If you are staying for consecutive nights, the chef will take care of the changes every day, so please look forward to it!
    *The contents may be partially changed depending on the purchase situation.
    *Allergy notation egg,milk,wheat,shrimp,Crab