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  • Takeaway breakfast BOX

    Currently, the facility offers a breakfast box that you can take out in your room or outdoors.

    A mixture of quinoa and five-grain rice that you can enjoy the texture, mainly with soft grilled chicken marinated in salted koji.
    Power salad,Homemade yogurt,Croissant,Pound Cake,Green smoothie.
    A well-balanced, delicious and body-friendly breakfast.

    When the weather is nice, even on the rooftop terrace of the hotel or in the green park in front of the hotel.
    You can enjoy it wherever you like according to your style and mood.
    Free rental of baskets and leisure seats to make you feel like a picnic.
    Please bring freshly ground coffee with you.

    [Delivery place]Front counter

    [Delivery time]From 7:00 to 10:00

    *Consume by 11:00 am.
    *Specific raw materials in this menu:Contains wheat, milk and eggs.
    *The contents may change depending on the purchase situation.