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Facilities / services

  • amenities& shampoo bar

    amenities are available in the lobby on the ground floor of the hotel.
    Guests can bring whatever they like for free.
    The shampoo bar carefully selected by the female staff has been well received.

    [Installation contents]
    ・Toner ・Essence ・Facial wash ・Makeup Remover
    ・Hair wax ・Body towel ・cotton
    ・Shampoo bar
  • Welcome coffee

    A coffee server is set up in the lobby on the 1st floor of the hotel.
    You can enjoy freshly ground delicious hot coffee and iced coffee made with passion beans for free anytime during your stay.

    [Available time]
  • Rooftop terrace

    A terrace on the roof of the hotel that can only be used by guests.
    Tenjin Chuuou Park, ACROS Fukuoka, overlooking the Hakata Bay location full of sense of openness not only here.
    In the spring, the cherry blossoms in full bloom bloom all over the park, and in the fall, the beautiful colorful autumn leaves spread out below you.

    [Open Hours]
    7:00 to 11: 00/15: 00 to 20:00

    *We do not allow you to bring your own food or drink.
    *It cannot be used on rainy or strong winds.
    *It cannot be used if it is reserved.
  • Automatic checkout machine

    We have installed an automatic checkout machine in the hotel lobby.

    It can be used at check-in and check-out.

    All the staff will do their best to make check-in and check-out comfortable and smooth for our customers.
  • Vending machines, ice machines, microwave ovens

    A soft drink vending machine, an ice machine and a microwave that can be used free of charge are installed on the 7th floor of the hotel.

    *Alcoholic beverages are not sold at this facility.

    [Available time]
  • Coin laundry

    A coin laundry is located on the 5th floor of the hotel.
    Please use it for long-term stays and laundry while traveling.

    [Usage fee]
    Laundry (5.0 kg) 300 yen/Times  
    Drying (4.5 kg) 100 yen/30 minutes
    *Detergent is not required because it is automatically added

    [Available time]