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Pickup information

  • New coronavirus infection prevention measures

    • This facility is implementing the following measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

      【Hotel Initiatives】
      ■The staff thoroughly gargles, disinfects hands, and measures the temperature when they arrive at the office.
      ■All staff are wearing masks.
      ■We carry out diligent ventilation and disinfection in various parts of this facility.
      ■Alcohol disinfectants are installed in various places in this facility.
      ■A splash prevention panel is installed on the front counter.

      【Request to customers】
      ■Please cooperate in wearing a mask when using the facility.
      ■Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement when you come to the museum.
      ■Please help us fill out the questionnaire at check-in.
  • Picnic breakfast

    • New hotel breakfast style

      Currently, this facility offers a breakfast box where you can take out.
      On sunny days, we also recommend the rooftop of the hotel and the greenery of "Tenjin Chuuou Park
      Free rental of baskets and leisure seats to make you feel like a picnic.
      Please bring freshly ground coffee with you.
  • Hakata / Nakasu River Cruise

    • 1 minute walk from the hotel to the platform!

      course you can enjoy the lively cityscape of Fukuoka from the water.A pleasure boat that passes through Nakasu, the most downtown area in Kyushu, stalls along the river, and Canal City HakataYou can enjoy a fresh feeling from a different perspective than usual.
  • Services for women

    • We aim to be the hotel of choice for women.

      amenities and fixtures that our female staff has chosen for women.
      Free amenities such as lotion, a popular brand of amenities with a plan, there is also ladies room that was installed popularity of cosmetic consumer electronics.